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  • Typical College Dorm Room
    A Typical College Dorm Room is small to say the least, noisy and lacks privacy. How to deal with small spaces and close quarters.
  • Dorm Move In List
    A Dorm List breaking down Things you need to know to move in fast. An incomplete somewhat humorous look at what you need to do before moving into a dorm. The short list.
  • Privacy Policy
    Privacy Policy for where you can buy portable e readers at cheap prices.

  • Store Pages
  • Dorm Mini Fridge
    Buy a Dorm Mini Fridge,Frige, For Sale at Cheap Student Prices. Many sizes, colors and prices to choose from. Save money and keep thing s Cool in your room in a Dorm Mini Fridge
  • College Student Laptop
    Buy College Student Laptop. Brand Name Computers at Cheap Bargain Prices for your dorm. Dependable popular laptops and notebooks for sale now. Huge inventory of College Student Laptop
  • Dorm TV
    Buy a Dorm TV for College. LCD Flat Panel to save space and double as a computer monitor. Many for sale at Cheap Prices. All brands and sizes available. Find a Dorm TV for your Room
  • Loft Beds
    Get a loft bed for your college dorm and raise yourself off the apartment floor. Great for saving space. Find new and used beds for sale at bargain prices.
  • Futon for Your Dorm
    Buy Cheap Futon for your dorm room or anywhere else you may need an extra mattress. All Brands new and used for sale. Converts from bed to sofa. This is the best place to buy cheap futon.
  • Dorm XL Sheets
    Buy Dorm XL Sheets. For Sale at Cheap discount prices. All Brands, All thread counts, All colors including blue, green,orange,yellow,red,white,black and pink. For Dorm XL Sheet Look here for Extra Long Twin Sheets
  • Dorm Bed Comforter
    Buy a comforter for your dorm bed at cheap discount prices. All brands,styles and colors for sale. Stay warm this fall. Green,blue,purple,pink,brown,black,orange,red,yellow dorm bed comforter to match your room decor.
  • Extra Long Dorm Mattress Cover
    Buy an Extra Long Dorm Mattress Cover For sale at Cheap Bargain Prices. Foam Pad and Covers to fit your college bed. Clean and Sanitary
  • Bed Risers
    Get extra storage under your dorm bed with Bed Risers. Raise the legs up securely with these affordable cheap raisers. Buy Easy to use dorm bed risers for sale now.
  • Dorm Storage Organizers
    Buy Dorm Organizers for more storage space. Use boxes, spacebags, space bag, bins and totes, and baskets to store your things in your closet or under your bed. These Cheap Dorm Organizers will solve the problem and not empty your wallet.
  • Dorm Laundry Bag
    Buy Dorm Laundry Bag Hamper, Mesh Pop Up Clothes Basket for sale at Bargain Cheap Prices. You will probably need more than one for all the dirty clothes you will bring home on break to your mother. So buy two or three dorm laundry Bag hamper.
  • Desk Lights and Lamps
    Buy a Dorm Desk Lamp for college on Sale at cheap bargain prices. All styles and colors and brand names. New and Used or Get a Vintage or Retro light for for your college room. Don't forget the desk lamp for your dorm.
  • Beer Pong Balls
    Cheap Beer Pong Balls for Sale. Buy College drinking game supplies here for your next party. Low prices on everything you can't do without. If you're going to drink beer play beer pong.
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