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You have figured out by now that there isn't going to be a lot of space in your dorm room for that big clunky computer from home. A laptop is the way to go for many reasons. It can replace a few other things that will only take up space. Watch DVDs, play games and listen to music through your notebook instead of taking the extra equipment to college.
It's portable so take it to class for notes, use it to communicate with your parents and your professors. Type up assignments and turn them in using the computer.
Laptops have become more durable and can do everything a full size computer can do. Even Engineering and Video Production students can find an inexpensive notebook that has all the bells and whistles they need.
So what do you need? Make sure it is the size you want and is durable enough to withstand the next 4 years. Then be sure it can connect wirelessly (most can). A printer port, a 56Kbps-modem, a VGA port for an external monitor, and it should have at least one USB port for external devices. It should also have a battery life of at least 5 hours.
Unless as a student, you are going to work with CAD programs, Video Production software,or Play games, you should be fine with 512 Ram and 60 Gigabytes of Hard Drive. I would recommend anyone get as much of both though for the price they plan to pay. 1024 megabytes of Ram and 180 Gigabyte Hard Drive is reasonable for anyone. Keep in mind that you can always upgrade if you need to and there is always a Geek handy at school who will be glad to do it for you,

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