Dorm Mini Fridge

A mini fridge for your dorm can come in all sizes, colors, and prices.  Figure out what you need first before you buy.  Will you be living in a dorm for 4 years or just one?  What do you plan to keep in it?  Do you have help to move it in and out year after year?  Are you allowed to have a microwave in your room or is there one on the floor you can use to heat up frozen dinners or leftovers?  How much do you have to spend?
A new mini refrigerator might be cost effective in the long run if you plan keep a lot of food on hand (bologna and bread anyone) and plan to use it for several years.  On the other hand most used fridges will fit the bill of the college student.  They may not look so shiny on the outside, but have plenty of life left and the price is right. Cheap.
Check with your room mate to see what they plan to bring with them.  If you both want your own, stacking them is an option to save space.  You can sometimes find a great deal on mini display coolers used in mini marts and drive throughs, especially nice for beverages.
Your parents probably didn't have one when they were in college, so you may have to convince them it is a neccesity.  Point out how much less beer cost in the grocery store than at the campus bar.  No, probably shouldn't bring that up!!  Along those lines though buying snacks and soda at the grocery is cheaper than buying from the vending machines.
So browse around here and be sure to ask questions of the seller.  Exact dimensions, cubic feet, freezer space ?  And ask for more photos if you need them.  They may be able to ship it right to your college address. 
Mini Fridge
Mini Fridge

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