Dorm Organizers

Let's get organized. When you can't find your special socks at home, Mom will find them. Why? Because she's organized!
You're on your own now Sparky and you don't want to be late for class or somewhere important because you lost your favorite shoes. (Probably under all of that crap on the floor)
Consider at least two totes, a few bins, and gotta love those Space Bags. You can put in your clothes and then either roll them up tight or attach a vacuum to suck out all the air, Saving a ton of space.
There are underwear and sock boxes and things that hang on the closet door for shoes. And don't forget something for your desk, either a basket or tote to keep the little things in. Your Dorm Organizers don't have to match or be a set. No one cares about that. Just get the right size for the job and Don't spend a lot of money. Your money is better spent on other things like a corn hole game or something.

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