Dorm Move in List

About Moving into a Dorm

So, here’s a quickie tip sheet for dorm rooms and what things you should take with you. You need to pack light, and you need to pack fast. Get out the old backpacks, a suitcase, and some other bags if you have them. Hefty Bags work fine. You will need them later anyway. Take everything you use in your bathroom and dump it into a bag (ziplock the easily spilled or possibly able to leak stuff), then empty out your dresser of all essential clothing. The stuff you wear. Use the backpack to stockpile all your other gadgets, video games, cords, and a bunch of other stuff like your MP3 player, duct tape, your soldering iron, and tools. (because you will break things). If you live far away, then make sure you bring provisional supplies like food and water.  A Dorm Mini Fridge is a money saver in the long run if you can buy a few groceries at the store instead of out of vending machines.

Take all of that, along with your college student laptop, Dorm TV, and Dorm XL Sheets. Don't forget the parents. Most times they will want to be there to witness this momentous occasion and to make sure you aren't just running off to Vegas to try your hand at stripping. Now, when you get there be sure to meet and greet everyone you can, and establish a common grounding with your roommate. It is imperative you get along - or it could become more of a hassle to be living at college than you thought. Unpack your things, label them, and store them for your own personal access. If you don't do this now you never will and you will be tripping over things all quarter.

Now that you are sitting down, in your dorm room, probably on the floor, it is time to make a list of everything you probably forgot, and then see if they can be sent to you. If not, it is time to go to the thrift store or see if you can find it on Ebay. Buy Cheap Futon or things like chairs, monitors, phones, alarm clocks, radios, and many other useful items can be bought at cut throat rates at an online auction (new and used) or the local Salvation Army store. Most of it is easily cleaned and maintained - and you are fiscally sounder for shopping there instead of a big box mart.

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