The Typical College Dorm Room

As a freshman on campus you are going to get stuck with the worst dorm room. Most colleges have several styles of dorms that were built over time as the student population grew. The typical dorm room is about 12 x 14 sq ft and you share that with a room mate and all of their stuff. Expect two twin beds, two desks and two small closets. To the credit of furnishers of these rooms, regular length twin beds have been replaced with the extra long sheet size. Enjoy it. Ths may be your only luxury.
Most of the rooms of this size were built in your parents or grandparents time. Well.. they had a lot less stuff. In an effort to keep upper class men from moving off campus and pressure from parents and students wanting more bang for their buck, newer dorms are changing. Many more apartment style accommodations are being built. Some of these newer buildings even have a resort type feel to attract the more affluent students. Don't count on getting one of these until you are a sophomore or senior.
But as a rule you will get the tiny rundown rooms if you are a freshman or you wait until the last minute to make a decision about housing. And that will be all of you at some point.
So you will deal with it. Think of it as 9 months of 4H camp. Make the most of the space you have, build upward with a loft bed or stack your mini fridges.
When you visit the college ask a lot of questions.
  • Is there a community kitchen?
  • Does the microwave work? (You know some idiot has
microwaved his popcorn too long-always happens)
  • Where is the bathroom?
  • How many people share the bathroom and communal shower?
  • What appliances can I have in my room?
  • Are there any quiet times so I can actually hear myself think enough to study?
  • What are the "beverage" rules? (You know what I mean)
  • Can you replace the bed with a loft?
  • Can I bring my paintball gun? Probably Not.
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